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Our Story


`A cultural unity amongst diversity,
a bundle of contradictions held together by strong but invisible threads...

She is a myth and an idea,
a dream and a vision,
and yet very real and present and pervasive’

Jawaharlal Nehru - The Discovery of India

Ephemera and Eclectica

The life and energy behind INDIA in BALMAIN (IIB), seeks to, in some very small way, curate artisanal clothes, natural fabrics, vintage textiles, slow fashion, environmentally sustainable processes and handcrafted ephemera and eclectica, which reflect the bundle of contradictions that India is — a myth, an idea, a dream and a vision.

When people walk into the store in Balmain, they are surrounded by the India of their travels, or perhaps their dreams - a reflection of centuries of tradition and reinvention... and where authenticity and beauty are seen in the imperfections of the hand made, the vintage and the reinvented.

Our on-line shop seeks to offer the same sense of poetry, spirit, colour and discovery.

IIB owes its current presence to a happy and free flowing collaboration between three creative women:

Petrea, an artist - whose calm and helpful energy welcomes those visiting the shop, and whose understanding of pattern and colour informs all she does.

Amber, a photographer and graphic designer whose aesthetic is achingly beautiful and evocative, and whose professionalism knows no bounds.

Lorna, who perhaps treats India in Balmain as her fourth child - with love, care, hope and vision. Lorna’s natural love of artisanal craftsmanship, natural materials and dyes, eye for design and creative flair gave rise to India in Balmain - grown from decades long Indian family connections, and starting with the unforgettable magic of a visit to the Taj Mahal at full moon, one summer evening, a long time ago.


444 Darling Street, Balmain, NSW, 2041

Tuesday—Friday (10—4)
Saturday (11–3)

Lorna: 0403 350 023
Shop: 0411 071 303