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Dresses ⋮ Maison Hotel

Dresses ⋮ Maison Hotel

Maison Hotel is a contemporary, bohemian fashion label inspired by a love of travel, creativity, freedom and authenticity. It's a style that fuses traditional weaving techniques and artisanal embroidery skills to give rise to timeless pieces of effortless style with a laid-back vintage spirit. The slight imperfections are a representation of the made-by-hand nature of the workmanship involved.

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Save $92.00Sylvie Dress - Ethnic Red
Sylvie Dress - Ethnic Red Sale price$213.00 Regular price$305.00
Antonia Dress - Mood Indigo
Antonia Dress - Mood Indigo Sale price$339.00
Cas Dress - Pina Colada
Cas Dress - Pina Colada Sale price$339.00
Mary Dress - Lisbon White Lace
DADA Dress - Sunrise Blue
DADA Dress - Sunrise Blue Sale price$339.00
Sold outSave $116.00Didi  Dress - Clavel Rose
Didi Dress - Clavel Rose Sale price$270.00 Regular price$386.00
Save $116.00Clara Dress - Ibiza Ecru Coral
Clara Dress - Ibiza Ecru Coral Sale price$270.00 Regular price$386.00
Sold outSave $108.00Justine Dress - Patna Corfu White
Justine Dress - Patna Corfu White Sale price$250.00 Regular price$358.00
Save $114.00Valentina Dress- Lilac Marigold
Valentina Dress- Lilac Marigold Sale price$266.00 Regular price$380.00
Sold outPallenberg Dress - Paphos Full Moon
Save $114.00Justine Dress - Ethnic Tomato
Justine Dress - Ethnic Tomato Sale priceFrom $266.00 Regular price$380.00
Sold outPallenberg Dress - Paphos Chilly Red
Save $92.00Sylvie Dress - Patna Corfu White
Sylvie Dress - Patna Corfu White Sale price$213.00 Regular price$305.00
Chantal Dress - Ibiza Ocean Blue
Sold outAnita Dress - Santorini Black