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Bandhani Cotton Square Scarf With Pom Poms - Dark Khaki Flower

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The technique of tightly winding a thread around a section of cloth, dyeing it, and then removing the thread to reveal a circular resist motif has remained the same since bandhani was first practiced. In Gujarat, bandhani is an expression used for textiles produced by tying individual parts of the fabric before dyeing. The main element of bandhani is a dot – a circular resisted motif. 

Bandhani dates back to the 12th century and was introduced to Kutch by the Khatri community migrating from Sindh. 

This collection of square cotton bandhani scarves, created by Master Craftsmen brothers Abdul and Abdullah Khatri, offer a stunning variety of patterns in a range of beautiful muted colours.

The square scarf can be worn in many ways, the pom poms lending weight, so that the fabric falls and drapes araound the neck.

Each one a timeless handmade piece to be worn and tresaured.

Textile Book: Bandhani