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Peace Silk Scarf - Pink Earth

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This gently coloured pink brown scarf is deliciously soft and warm with a texture that speaks of natural fibres, spun and woven by hand. A perfect easy to wear scarf for all seasons with the  heavy nature of the Eri or Peace silk, giving the fabric a beautful and easy drape. The fibers are natural insulators which help maintain body temperatures in cool or warm weather conditions. 

Made exclusively from Peace, or non-violent, silk - no silk worm is harmed in the making of this silk. Also known as the Timeless Silk, as, because of its durabilty, it surpasses time - which is why it is passed down for generations as an Heirloom.

Minor variations are to be celebrated as part of the handmade nature of the fabric. Suitable for all genders.

Textile Book. Peace Silk



Peace Silk Scarf - Pink Earth
Peace Silk Scarf - Pink Earth Sale price$189.00