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Snake Charmer Quilts - Sky Blue

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Vintage Snake Charmer Quilt from the nomadic Saami community of the Sindh region of Pakistan, with a style of fine, hand stitched embroidery that is unique to this group. Snake charmers are not entertainers but rather they perform a religious function in the area that crosses between Hindu and Muslim (Sufi) religions. Traditionally, the snake charmers who would roam from village to village, and, sitting on their quilts, would play the been - a musical snake instrument. The stitches are said to represent different knids of snakes. 

The cultural significance of the quilts runs deep as they are mostly made for wedding dowry and then used for bedcovers, furniture covers, floor rugs, wraps in cold weather and baby cradles. They are mentioned in old Urdu and Sufi poetry and are also gifted to the holy men of these areas.  

This is an unsusal piece as the stitching is not done in the traditional diminishing rectangular pattern, but rather in vertical linear `paths' within a broad border. The sky blue of the front is contrasted with detailed and delicate open sititching in two key patterns, as well as simple running stitich. The reverse side is patched with large pieces, the central one of which is a deep sea green.

Beautiful piece on a bed or couch

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