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Vintage Embroidered Coat - Peacock

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Vintage hand embroidered Gujarati textiles from the 1950’s, repurposed into stunning coats. 

At a time when black, shades of white and grey (greige), are the staple non colours of a safe post covid world, and interiors and fashion are stultifyingly devoid of colour, this small Collection of colourful coats is to be celebrated and embraced.

Done by the women of Kutch in Gujarat State, who passed the generational art, from mother to daughter, these textiles were made as wall hangings and door frames, and also reflect the festive occasions for which they were made, decorated with animals, birds and Indians Gods and Goddesses.

Coming from a time and place so culturally different to now, these pieces bring their own story and history  - including patches, stains and bleeding of some colour - and imbue our current world with a sense of time past, colour, spirit and energy. ONe offpipeces that are timelesss and to be treasured.

Garment Measurements
Length: 100 cm
Width at Underarm: 56 cm

Fabric: 100% embroidered vintage textile



Vintage Embroidered Coat - Peacock
Vintage Embroidered Coat - Peacock Sale price$380.00