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Vintage Ralli Quilt - Windmills

Sale price$670.00


This ralli illustrates one of the most typical everyday quilts. The color scheme is based on the old, natural dyes colors even though chemical dyes are now used. The size of the fabric used in the piecing is typical for an everyday quilt. The geometric design is bold, especially when viewed from a distance.

The back is a piece of deep greenhandblock printed vintage cotton fabric with floral motifs on the diagonal.

Notie the attention to detail with the stitches that finish the saw tooth border patterns.

A timeless vintage piece in naturally dyed cotton - to be treasured.

Design is in the genes of many indigenous communities which have identified India globally...but they are not valued. (loosely from Madan Meena)

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Vintage Ralli Quilt - Windmills
Vintage Ralli Quilt - Windmills Sale price$670.00